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  1. REACH: Challenges in the Chemical Distribution Industry

    ... problems as those faced by manufacturers when dealing with compliance issues in regards to REACH and CLP.   Fecc (the European ...

    AegisRegulatory - 15/08/2013

  2. REACH: European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) Raises Company Awareness

    ... produce or use chemicals in order to ensure EU legislation compliance. The second document pertains to the steps companies using hazardous ...

    AegisRegulatory - 18/08/2013

  3. Newell Rubbermaid Inc.

    ... Newell Rubbermaid Inc. Aegis helped us ensure compliance, allowing us to expand our business globally. Andrew ...

    admin - 04/01/2015

  4. Canada SDS

    Canada SDS: When do I need to have a GHS SDS in Canada? What is the DSL (Domestic Substance List)? ...

    admin - 19/08/2013

  5. United States SDS

    ... United States SDS: When do I need to have a GHS SDS in the US? Do I have to include State RTK (Right-to-know) ...

    admin - 19/08/2013

  6. Mexico SDS

    Mexico SDS: When do I need to have a GHS SDS in Mexico? What is the Mexico national standard ...

    admin - 19/08/2013

  7. REACH Services

    ... - European SDS compliant with the CLP Regulation. GHS Labelling - GHS Labels. Registration dossier preparation. REACH is the European ...

    admin - 29/10/2012

  8. RED I Challenge Corporation

    ... RED I Challenge Corporation Aegis created a GHS SDS (OSHA Hazcom 2012 compliant SDS) for our company. The staff was helpful and friendly, and I solidly recommend their GHS SDS authoring service to anyone. Arlene R. Doidge ...

    admin - 07/08/2014

  9. California Proposition 65: OEHHA Proposes MADLs for Methanol

    ... mandatory requirements, businesses will be provided with compliance assistance; hence this action will not result in the elimination of ...

    AegisRegulatory - 09/08/2013

  10. Privacy Statement

    ... we will ensure that any change to this statement is in compliance with the laws in effect in Canada with regard to this subject matter ...

    admin - 05/08/2012