MSDS Authoring

Due to logistics and worker training considerations, many of our US based clients are not yet ready to transition to the GHS and choose to use our MSDS authoring services under the existing Hazard Communication Standard (HCS 1994). We have prepared MSDS for many thousands of products under OSHA's existing HCS, and are able to deliver these OSHA MSDS in English and Spanish.

Many of our clients who only sell into the Canadian market choose to have us prepare a stand-alone Canadian WHMIS MSDS, for compliance with Canada's Hazardous Product Act (HPA) and Controlled Products Regulations (CPR). This Canadian MSDS is also available as in French.

As with our , we are able to prepare a US OSHA & Canada WHMIS MSDS that is compliant in both countries. This US/Canada MSDS is authored in English, and is available in French and Spanish through our MSDS translation service.

Aegis Regulatory provides MSDS Authoring for the following regions:

All MSDS documents are prepared using the 16 section ANSI Standard format, and are available in all major business languages.