Do I need to test my product before preparing an SDS?

This depends on the type of product, it's composition, and if you are a reselling it, whether or not you are able to obtain valid information from your supplier. After signing a confidentiality agreement with our clients, we are able to review the information you have on hand to see if you will need to do any testing prior to preparing your SDS.

Generally, we do not conduct any product testing, or act as a go-between for such testing, as it generally just increases the cost for our clients. Typically, we recommend that our clients utilize a local lab that is qualified to do the testing.

The most common testing that we see our clients' needing are the following:

1. Flash point - for liquids containing flammable components.

2. Boiling point - used to determine the appropriate packing group under transportation of dangerous goods regulations.

3. pH test - value is used to determine if an acid/base product may be corrosive