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  1. What language(s) must my SDS be in?

    ... but other languages can be made available as well. In Canada, an SDS must be prepared in English and in French on a single SDS, or on ...

    admin - 08/08/2014

  2. The City of Medicine Hat (Gas Utility)

    ... us informed of changing regulations in the United States and Canada. Vince Anderson Position:  Health & Safety ...

    admin - 13/08/2014

  3. What is the WHMIS Reference Manual?

    The WHMIS Reference Manual is maintained by Health Canada, and provides interpretation and discussion of the requirements of the ...

    admin - 25/07/2013

  4. What is a WHMIS border?

    The label of a controlled product (WHMIS controlled), must have a 'hatched-border' ...

    admin - 25/07/2013

  5. Agaia Inc.

    ... I definitely recommend Aegis Regulatory for any label or SDS authoring needs. Kouri Carey Position:  ...

    admin - 05/08/2014

  6. California Prop 65: Clomiphene Citrate Listed as Known to Cause Cancer

    ... requirement for a state or federal agency to identify and label the chemical as causing cancer or reproductive toxicity, clomiphene ...

    AegisRegulatory - 04/08/2013

  7. i-SOLV Research Laboratories Inc.

    ... i-SOLV Research Laboratories Inc. Aegis made our label development project easy, and were fast and helpful throughout the ...

    admin - 05/08/2014

  8. California Prop 65: Governor Brown Seeks Reforms

    ... the state must provide on their products a clear warning or label available for the public. The administration, along with stakeholders ...

    AegisRegulatory - 06/08/2013

  9. Terms of Use

    ... and laws of the Province of Ontario or the federal laws of Canada, as applicable, without regard to the conflicts of laws principles ...

    admin - 05/08/2012