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  1. Industrial Product Labels

    ... Workplace Labels US - OSHA Label Compliance Canada - WHMIS Label Compliance Europe - CLP Label Compliance Label ...

    admin - 04/11/2013

  2. Europe

    European Union EU DPD SDS Authoring EU CLP SDS Authoring EU DPD Label Reviews EU CLP Label Reviews EU ... Label Reviews Government Submissions MSDS Management ...

    admin - 07/11/2012

  3. Agaia Inc.

    ... Agaia Inc. I contacted several large SDS authoring services for quotes on a time sensitive GHS SDS authoring project, and none of them could even start the project in under a ...

    admin - 05/08/2014

  4. Cosmetic Product Labels

    ... United States Cosmetic Label Compliance Canada Cosmetic Label Compliance Europe Cosmetic Label Compliance ...

    admin - 04/11/2013

  5. Consumer Product Labels

    ... - Consumer Labels US - CPSC Label Compliance Canada - CCCR, 2001 Label Compliance Europe - CLP Label Compliance ...

    admin - 04/11/2013

  6. What is the IDL (Ingredient Disclosure List)?

    ... substance must be disclosed on a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) in Canada. ...

    admin - 25/07/2013

  7. Government Submission Services

    ... United States (PMN - Pre Manufacture Notices). Canada (NSN - New Substance Notifications). Canada (HMIRC - Hazardous Materials Information Review Commission - Trade ...

    admin - 29/10/2012

  8. US DOT Emergency Order on Transport of Petroleum Crude Oil by Rail

    ... This order roughly mirrors the regulatory action taken in Canada, with respect to Protective Direction 31 . Aegis Regulatory has authored several hundred MSDS and SDS for the oil and gas sector. Please contact us for all of your ...

    AegisRegulatory - 08/08/2014

  9. Privacy Statement

    ... this statement is in compliance with the laws in effect in Canada with regard to this subject matter and posted on this page. If you ... at Aegis Regulatory Inc., P.O. Box 50028, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 6H8. ...

    admin - 05/08/2012

  10. National Calcium Chloride

    ... Chloride Everyone at Aegis involved in the SDS authoring process was very professional and helpful. Clark Pearson ...

    admin - 05/08/2014