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  1. United States CSPC Label Compliance

    US CPSC Consumer Label compliant with the FHSA & PPPA Our US CPSC Label Review is delivered to you as a PDF and includes all required label elements. Warning statements meet the most up to date ANSI ...

    admin - 10/09/2013

  2. Consumer Product Labels

    ... - Consumer Labels US - CPSC Label Compliance Canada - CCCR, 2001 Label Compliance Europe - CLP Label Compliance Label ...

    admin - 04/11/2013

  3. European DPD Label Compliance

    EU DPD Label compliant with the Dangerous Preparations Directive Our EU DPD Label Review is delivered to you as a PDF and includes all required label elements.   Prescribed Risk and Safety phrases in line with ...

    admin - 19/08/2013

  4. MSDS & SDS Compliance Solutions For Your Business

    ... For clients with operations in both the United States and Canada, we are able to prepare a dual country SDS that is compliant in both ... in both countries. Read more about MSDS Authoring . Label Compliance Our label review services cover Industrial and ...

    admin - 10/09/2013

  5. Industrial Product Labels

    Aegis Regulatory provides the following Industrial label services: Industrial Product Labelling - Workplace Labels US - OSHA Label Compliance Canada - WHMIS Label Compliance Europe - CLP Label Compliance ...

    admin - 04/11/2013

  6. North America

    ... Government Submissions MSDS Management   Canada WHMIS MSDS Authoring WHMIS Label Reviews GHS MSDS Authoring CCCR, 2001 Consumer Label Reviews Cosmetic Label Reviews GHS ...

    admin - 07/11/2012

  7. Cosmetic Product Labels

    ...   Aegis Regulatory provides the following Cosmetic label services: Cosmetic Product Labelling - Cosmetic Labels United States Cosmetic Label Compliance Canada Cosmetic Label Compliance Europe Cosmetic Label Compliance ...

    admin - 04/11/2013

  8. GHS Implementation Proposed in Canada for July 1st, 2015

    ... AegisRegulatory's blog On August 9th 2014, Canada proposed the Hazardous Products Regulations (HPR) in the Gazette Part I, ... Regulations (HPR) . Regulatory:  Canada GHS HPR SDS Labels GHS Labels GHS SDS ...

    AegisRegulatory - 24/09/2014

  9. Canada, US to Synchronize GHS Implementation

    ... blog In the Spring of 2013, Health Canada proposed amendments to the Hazardous Products Act (HPA) as well as the ... labelling and classification in Canadian workplaces. Health Canada intends to align the GHS implementation with the American ...

    AegisRegulatory - 01/08/2013

  10. Highlights of the Proposed GHS in Canada

    ... System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals) in Canada by July 1st, 2015. The implementation of the GHS hazard ... order to maintain the current level ofworker protection in Canada (and will retain its current biohazard symbol inside a black circle); ... in any health hazard classes; 5) the requirement to label kits (different products sold together in one package); 6) the ...

    AegisRegulatory - 24/09/2014