MSDS & SDS Compliance Solutions For Your Business

Aegis provides a full range of Hazard Communication services, including , & .

We help our clients achieve and maintain regulatory compliance with the ever changing array of Health, Safety and Environmental legislation affecting their company. Whether you have new or existing products, or need access to new markets, we can help you overcome the regulatory barriers that stand in the way of your business.

SDS Authoring (Safety Data Sheet Authoring)

As the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is implemented in more and more countries across the world, our SDS authoring service ensures that our clients are able to transition smoothly to this new hazard communication system.

For clients with operations in both the United States and Canada, we are able to prepare a dual country SDS that is compliant in both countries, with SDS translations available in French and Spanish. Read more about .

MSDS Authoring (Material Safety Data Sheet Authoring)

Many of our US based clients are not yet ready to transition to the GHS and choose to use our MSDS authoring services under the existing Hazard Communication Standard (HCS 1994).

As with our SDS authoring services, we are able to prepare a US OSHA & Canada WHMIS MSDS that is compliant in both countries. Read more about .

Label Compliance

Our label review services cover and products, as well as . Within both the Industrial and Consumer sectors, we are well positioned to help our clients with their needs, as well as provide mandatory label content in any major business language through our label translation services. Read more about .